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I have been surrounded by companion animals my entire life and have grieved many losses. Our animal companions become a part of our lives, they provide us with unconditional love and in return we build a special and intimate bond with them. Pets become members of our families and when they are gone we can feel completely lost.  


In recognising the impact of pets in our lives, I am now one of only a handful of certified Pet Loss Bereavement Counsellors in Australia with accreditation from the Association of Pet Loss Bereavement, founded by Dr. Wallace Sife, Ph. D. I provide online pet loss support for those that are at various stages of their pet loss bereavement.

With my own pet loss experiences, I recognise the strength of a companionship bond and the significant value of pet loss support. Grief is a journey we are taken on, the experience is challenging and full of mixed emotions. I am passionate in assisting others with their loss of a beloved animal companion and am able to support you through your healing process, whilst helping to keep your beloved pets memories close to your heart.


Pet Loss Bereavement Counselling, Sydney, Australia 2019

Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement 

Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Member since 2018


Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Sydney, Australia, 2017 

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Vancouver, Canada, 2009

University of British Columbia




Support Line
Support Lines

Lifeline 13 11 14

24/7 crisis phone counselling

Pets and People Counselling 1300 431 450 (AU) or 0800 114 421 (NZ)

24/7pet loss support 

APLB Chatroom online chatroom support

Lost and Found Services

Lost Pet Finders

RSPCA NSW Pet Reunite

Lost Pets in NSW

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Rest your Paws

In home euthanasia, quality of lice, veterinary hospice, aftercare services


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